Author, Writer & Student Larking Rucker, Jr.


The theme of this website presently is to written to a diverse audience of students, teachers and support staff who are participating, teaching and facilitating course work for “English Composition 102” at Arizona State University. The course challenges and instructs students on how to communicate effectively in writing journals, projects and an ePortfolio, The ePortfolio will give the student a web presence and be able to showcase the student’s class assignments during the class, as well as for prospective employers. This website has been designed to be as successful as possible for users of diverse needs and abilities.


  • Larkin has a BA in Political Science, from West Virginia University where he has written papers concerning the Political process.
  • Larkin has an AS in Computer Science from Bluefield State College. As a student I worked in the Computer Lab, and I assisted students with their programming questions.
  • Larkin has taken a course on Technical Writing from Golden West Community College.
  • Larkin has a MS in Strategic Leadership from Mountain State University. My Master’s Thesis opened my eyes to how an individual’s culture plays a major role in how they form their perceptions.
  • Larkin worked at Allergan, Inc. as a Computer Technical Lead, in that position I assisted in writing Information Systems Standard Operating Procedures for support technicians.
  • Larkin worked as an Operations Analyst, who generated financial reports for the president of a restaurant Company, formerly known as Grace Restaurant Company.
  • Larkin has worked as a treasurer for Bluefield Community Center of Bluefield, WV. In this role I kept financial records and was responsible for generating all financial reports.
  • Larkin has a passion for writing, he has begun to write spontaneously or prophetically as scribe. The scribe ministry is a research, reporting and sharing ministry, that utilizes written, visual and audio media forms.
  • Larkin is an Information System's Consultant that creates, maintains and supports websites.
  • Larkin is an avid reader.
  • Larkin is a Teacher of the Bible and a Prophet. He is a licensed and an ordained minister.
  • Larkin plans to pursue freelance writing, as well as generate income through blogging, podcasting and marketing ventures.
  • Larkin plans to academically study Web Design, Political Science, Leadership and Apologetics